Nigeria’s CcHub Introduces Market-Entry Initiative “Let’s Build, Africa” for African Startups

What’s this about?

  • CcHub has launched “Let’s Build, Africa,” a market-entry programme to help African startups expand into new markets within the continent.
  • CcHub, which began as Nigeria’s first open living lab in 2010, has grown to include several pan-African innovation enablers such as the CcHub Design Lab in Rwanda and iHub in Kenya.
  • The “Let’s Build, Africa” initiative aims to provide startups with the strategic insights and support needed for cross-border growth, fostering Africa’s economic integration and innovation.

Zoom in…

Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) has launched “Let’s Build, Africa”, a market-entry programme designed to empower African startups to expand their horizons and enter new markets within the continent. 

CcHub launched Nigeria’s first open living lab for technologists, entrepreneurs, tech companies, investors and hackers in 2010 to accelerate the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. 

The hub has since expanded to include an umbrella of pan-African innovation enablers such as the CcHub Design Lab in Rwanda, iHub and eLimu in Kenya, Growth Capital by CcHub and CcHub Syndicate. 

“Let’s Build, Africa” is a strategic initiative aimed at supporting startups that are poised for cross-border growth but require strategic insights and support to navigate new ecosystems. 

What they are saying…

With “Let’s Build, Africa”, startups will be empowered with the tools and connections needed to thrive across Africa. We believe that by facilitating cross-border growth, we can significantly contribute to Africa’s economic integration and innovation landscape,” said Ojoma Ochai, MD of CcHub Africa.

Applications are open here.


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