Jubril Dotun Sanusi Delivers Electric Motorcycles and Solar-Powered Tricycles to Oyo State

What’s this about?

  • Business mogul Jubril Dotun Sanusi has delivered the first set of electric motorcycles and solar-powered tricycles to Oyo, marking a significant step towards eco-friendly transportation.
  • Sanusi emphasized the importance of green technology at the unveiling ceremony, highlighting its role in reducing carbon footprints and offering cost-effective transportation.
  • The initiative has been praised by local leaders and residents, positioning Oyo State as a leader in sustainable transportation within Nigeria.

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International business mogul, Chief Jubril Dotun Sanusi, has fulfilled his promise by delivering the first batch of electric motorcycles and solar-powered tricycles in Oyo State.

True to his word, the first set of electric motorcycles and solar-powered tricycles have arrived, heralding a new era of eco-friendly transportation for the residents of Ona Ara Local Government, Ibadan, and beyond.

What they are saying…

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Sanusi highlighted the importance of adopting green technology to combat environmental challenges and enhance the quality of life for the people of Oyo State.

The arrival of these electric motorcycles and solar-powered tricycles is a testament to our dedication to the economic development of our beloved state. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and providing efficient, cost-effective transportation options for our people,” he stated.

The Big picture

The introduction of electric vehicles, motorcycles, and solar-powered tricycles is expected to significantly reduce air pollution and noise levels, contributing to a healthier environment.

Additionally, these transformations will offer lower operating costs compared to traditional petrol-powered means of transportation, making them an economically viable option for many.

Residents of Akaran, Amuloko, Olunloyo, Adesola, Olorunsogo, and environs have expressed their excitement and gratitude for this innovative initiative.

Local leaders and community members praised Sanusi’s vision and leadership in driving this change, noting the positive impacts it will have on the state’s transportation infrastructure and environmental sustainability.

As the first electric motorcycles and solar-powered tricycles begin to operate in Ilaji, the state is poised to become a leader in green transportation within Nigeria. This initiative aligns with global trends towards sustainable mobility solutions and sets a precedent for other regions to follow.


Chief Jubril Dotun Sanusi’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling his promises and his proactive approach to addressing environmental issues through innovative solutions underscore his role as a forward-thinking leader in the business community.

The people of Oyo State can look forward to further advancements as Sanusi continues to champion sustainable development and technological progress.


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