Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Eutelsat Extend Next-Gen LEO Satellite Services to Africa

What’s this about?

  • Liquid Intelligent Technologies has partnered with Eutelsat Group to introduce enterprise-grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services across Africa, enhancing connectivity with low-latency, high-bandwidth solutions.
  • The integration of the OneWeb LEO satellite network with Liquid Dataport’s core infrastructure aims to provide improved performance for applications such as cloud computing, video conferencing, and real-time services, particularly benefiting remote regions and industries like mining in Central Africa.
  • This collaboration signifies a major step in technological advancement for Africa, offering streamlined, versatile connectivity options for businesses and communities, and aligning with the anticipated growth of LEO satellite constellations in the coming years.

Zoom in…

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a pan-African technology group, has announced a distribution partner agreement (DPA) with Eutelsat Group that will see enterprise-grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services being made available in Africa.

Eutelsat Group is the world’s first satellite operator with an integrated GEO-LEO infrastructure.

What they’re saying…

Liquid has always been committed to technological innovation in Africa,” said Ahmed El Beheiry, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, “Our collaboration with Eutelsat signifies a milestone in bringing cutting-edge LEO services to our customers across multiple countries in Africa, empowering them with high-speed solutions and unlocking new possibilities for connectivity.”

We are thrilled to work with Liquid to introduce new connectivity services throughout Africa. Liquid has a proven track record and a longstanding commitment to connect African businesses. Working together and leveraging Eutelsat Group’s innovative LEO services, we can unlock new opportunities for enterprises and communities. We look forward to the positive impacts we can have to help Liquid’s customers flourish, especially in the mining industry in Central Africa” said Philippe Baudrier, Vice President of Connectivity, Africa.

The Big picture

The strategic integration of the OneWeb LEO satellite network allows Liquid Dataport to deliver not only low-latency satellite services but also introduces a network interconnect that enables services integration across the LEO satellite access and Liquid Dataport core network infrastructure.

The strategic integration of the OneWeb LEO satellites presents a paradigm shift in satellite technology, offering lower latency, faster orbital periods, and higher bandwidth. On a continent where satellite technology is relatively new and limited in its reach, for Liquid Dataport’s customers, this translates to enhanced performance for applications like cloud computing, video conferencing, and real-time applications, amongst others. Looking beyond these conventional offerings, Liquid Dataport’s LEO services, in partnership with Eutelsat, also include enterprise access with Internet breakout, including Point-to-Point services, providing a versatile and robust solution for diverse business needs.

Beyond the technical advantages, Liquid Dataport’s expanded reach will give its customers an even more streamlined experience, making it the preferred one-stop shop for a range of connectivity and other services.

As Eutelsat’s OneWeb’s network coverage continues to mature, Liquid Dataport is planning a systematic expansion of services, aligning with the evolving demand for low-latency primary and backup services in remote regions of the continent and benefiting a range of businesses across all industries. This strategic move anticipates the expected surge in new LEO satellite constellations over the next three years, providing agile and cost-effective solutions for entering and expanding markets.


For Liquid Intelligent Technologies, the collaboration with Eutelsat is about more than just services; it’s about launching opportunities for businesses and communities in Africa that extend beyond connectivity, fostering progress and innovation across the continent.


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