Egyptian Startup OneOrder Secures $16M in Series A Funding to Expand into GCC Region

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  • Egyptian startup OneOrder raised $16 million in Series A funding led by Delivery Hero Ventures, to expand its tech-enabled food and beverage supply platform into the GCC region.
  • Founded by Tamer Amer and Karim Maurice, OneOrder simplifies supply chain management for the food and beverage industry through a single application, offering timely delivery of quality goods with embedded financing.
  • The company has rapidly grown since its launch in February 2022, attracting over 1,300 customers and implementing an AI-assisted system to streamline operations, with plans to enhance its services and expand into the GCC region later this year.

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Egyptian startup OneOrder, a tech-enabled supplier and wholesale distributor for the food and beverage industry, is set to expand into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region after raising a US$16 million Series A equity and debt round of funding.

Founded by CEO Tamer Amer and CTO Karim MauriceOneOrder offers the food and beverage industry a reliable, timely supply of quality goods with embedded financing, at a consistent price and without the stress of managing various suppliers daily, all through a single user-friendly application.


Since its launch in February 2022, upon the successful completion of a US$1 million fundraising, OneOrder has built up a customer base of over 1,300, who are using its web-based platform and mobile application for online ordering and delivery of more than 700 stock-keeping units (SKUs).

It banked a US$3 million seed round in December 2022, and has now raised a US$16 million Series A round led by previous investor Delivery Hero Ventures, with participation from Norrsken22, alongside existing investors Nclude and A15. The company will use the capital to expand into the GCC region, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), later this year.

What they are saying…

Like many supply chains across Africa and the MENA region, HoReCa is extremely fragmented and relies on manual processes involving multiple stakeholders. This results in businesses having limited price-transparency, lack of access to quality SKUs, high wastage and storage costs, and limited financing to grow their businesses,” Amer said.

Currently, restaurants and hotels must work with hundreds of suppliers to maintain stock, receiving 10 to 20 deliveries each day which disrupts operations without eliminating shortages. Previous attempts to solve the problem have simply digitised the issue, which any ERP can do. Instead, OneOrder takes a comprehensive approach to streamlining the entire supply chain, acting as a one-stop-shop by storing all the ingredients that restaurants might need in our strategically located warehouses.”

He said OneOrder was looking forward to expanding into the GCC, building up financing solutions for customers including cards, and further developing its platform. Over the last six months, OneOrder has also implemented a one-of-a-kind AI-assisted system which has revolutionised the app, saving 60 per cent of customers time and money. The team is therefore recruiting heavily across AI.

We are honoured to lead OneOrder’s Series A round and grow our investment as the company revolutionises the HORECA supply chain in the MENA region. This funding creates an exciting opportunity to expand the huge value that OneOrder enables for its customers across a wider geographic footprint and replicate the great success they have already achieved in Egypt,” said Brendon Blacker, Managing Partner at Delivery Hero Ventures.


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