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NoOnes Super App Hits Over 200,000 Downloads

What’s this about?

  • NoOnes, the financial communication super app, has achieved over 200,000 downloads in just over a year since its launch in April 2023, with a significant surge in daily downloads and user signups, particularly in Africa.
  • The platform’s growth is driven by its diverse features, including payment methods, global chat, and a secure BTC wallet. It aims to empower the underbanked and advance economic equality through Bitcoin adoption in Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa.
  • Despite regulatory challenges, Africa’s cryptocurrency sector, spearheaded by platforms like NoOnes, is experiencing a strong upward trajectory, with Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa emerging as prominent players and driving forces behind crypto adoption on the continent.

Zoom in…

NoOnes, the financial communication super app, has announced it has exceeded 200,000 downloads despite launching just over a year ago, in April 2023.

By the Numbers

With the new figures representing a 300% surge in daily downloads since January 2024, the platform has also secured a 400% rise in user signups over the last three months, accelerating NoOnes’ global drive for financial empowerment by connecting people worldwide to conversations and payments.

In recent months, the platform’s meteoric rise has been primarily driven by strong growth in Kenya, Cameroon and South Africa, which have heavily benefited from NoOnes’ comprehensive suite of features. Including over 250 payment methods, global chat functionalities for seamless cross-border communication and a secure BTC wallet, the app is rapidly emerging as the go-to platform to serve the needs of underbanked populations, spearheading economic equality through Bitcoin adoption.

What they are saying…

Speaking about the new milestone, Ray Youssef, CEO of NoOnes, said, “This announcement isn’t just about the huge momentum we’ve rapidly built as a new player in the crypto space, it’s a testament to the massive appetite for financial empowerment in Africa and the wider Global South. Just a year ago, we launched NoOnes with a clear mission – to lead the charge on dismantling financial apartheid once and for all and our new figures not only recognise the immense dedication of our team to this goal over the last few months, but are also a serious indicator of things to come.”

Available on Google Play and iOS, NoOnes was launched to empower the financial freedom of the Global South through Bitcoin. The platform enables users to move money freely and faster without the friction and challenges associated with legacy banking and financial institutions. Its business ideology hinges on the belief that peer-to-peer is the world’s only true free market and that Bitcoin is the new global financial architecture poised to uplift the people of Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. NoOnes’ biggest markets to date are Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, India and the Philippines, accruing over 400,000 users worldwide to date,  and achieving profitability within just under 4 months of operations.

Despite its recent regulatory challenges, Africa’s cryptocurrency sector has continued its strong upward trajectory with Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa emerging alongside Nigeria as the continent’s most prominent players.

According to Google Trends data, Kenya recently ranked among the top 15 crypto-curious countries globally. Cameroon currently boasts an active crypto user base of just under one million, accounting for nearly 7% of its active population. With South Africa’s financial conduct regulator approving licences for crypto firms in April 2024, it is one of Africa’s most progressive countries for the industry, ranking amongst the highest countries in the world for crypto adoption globally.


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