ABO Capital Unveils Angolan Training Center to Foster Local Talent

What’s this about?

  • ABO Capital, an investment firm in Angola, has launched the Amity Training Centre in Luanda, aiming to nurture professional talent and support economic growth in the region.
  • Led by Zandre Campos, ABO Capital focuses on various sectors, including education and technology, with the training centre offering globally-aligned education to equip professionals for success.
  • The programme directly connects trainees with opportunities in Angola’s key sectors, enhancing local talent and contributing to broader economic development efforts in the country.

Zoom in…

Angola-based international investment firm ABO Capital has opened the Amity Training Centre, an executive training programme, in Luanda to help foster the next generation of professional talent and continued economic growth.

Founded and led by Zandre CamposABO Capital is an international investment firm that builds opportunities in emerging markets across Africa, investing in companies that create value and promote economic development. 

With a focus on education and technology but also operating in financial services, energy, manufacturing, distribution and real estate, ABO Capital is headquartered in Angola with offices in Dubai and the United States.


The Amity Training Centre in Luanda is an implementation of Amity University in Dubai, a programme that originated in India. It offers globally benchmarked education to students of all ages and nationalities, designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a workplace with campuses across the world. 

The programme connects trainees directly with opportunities in the private sector. Based in the financial center of Luanda, the Amity Training Centre offers trainees first-hand experience to learn and work in key sectors driving economic development in Angola, including financial institutions, telecommunications, oil companies, and energy suppliers.

What they are saying…

The Amity Training Centre establishes a pathway for our young professionals to take their skills to the next level and compete in a 21st century economy – in Angola and beyond,” said Campos. “This executive training programme is exactly what our country needs to further build our local talent pool and expand economic opportunity for Angolans.”


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