Pathways and Konza Collaborate to Cultivate Advanced Tech Education in Kenya

Tech firm Pathways Technologies has joined forces with Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) to provide advanced training in Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science to young individuals. The collaboration, established through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under the Jitume Program Initiative, aims to bridge the skills gap, promote economic sustainability, and support growth.

By leveraging Pathways Technologies’ expertise in cutting-edge technologies and innovative teaching methods, along with Konza Technopolis’ vision of fostering an innovative technology ecosystem, the partnership will deliver high-tech training programs. These programs will equip youths and students with practical skills, industry-relevant knowledge, hands-on experience, and employment opportunities, enabling them to contribute significantly to the digital revolution.

The Ag. CEO of KoTDA, John Paul Okwiri, expressed commitment to supporting the partnership, as it aligns with Kenya’s goal of positioning itself as a technology Talent Hub and meeting the increasing demand for tech skills in the country.

This collaboration represents a significant stride toward establishing a knowledge-driven economy in Africa. By investing in advanced training and innovative skill development, the partnership aims to create a sustainable talent pool capable of driving technological advancements, attracting investments, and fostering regional economic growth.

During the MOU signing event, Pathways Technologies and Konza Technopolis called upon development partners, organizations, institutions, and individuals who share the passion for empowering the younger generation to join forces and contribute to this transformative initiative.

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