South African Pre-School Play Sense Secures Undisclosed Funding from Grindstone Ventures for Expansion

Play Sense, an autonomous pre-school in South Africa that utilizes its online micro-schools platform plaDorm, has secured an undisclosed funding round from Grindstone Ventures in preparation for its expansion.

Led by early childhood specialists Meg Faure and Lara Schoenfeld, Play Sense employs a blend of diverse play methods to cultivate essential skills and school readiness in toddlers and pre-schoolers. The micro-school concept allows teachers to establish their own playschools either at home or in a space provided by a participating family within the group.

The franchise program, referred to as a “business in a box,” equips entrepreneurs with comprehensive training, a Play Kit, and support in operational, administrative, marketing, and teaching aspects. According to Faure, Play Sense offers a cost-effective and highly scalable approach to progressive preschool education. She emphasized how this empowers women who are passionate about early childhood education to succeed as entrepreneurs and make a lasting impact in their communities, both educationally and economically.

Since its inception, Play Sense has already benefited over 1,200 children through its play-based learning approach. The funding from Grindstone Ventures, known for investing in companies with substantial intellectual property and exponential growth potential, will enable Play Sense to enhance its franchise model and expedite its growth trajectory.

Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, a spokesperson for Grindstone Ventures highlighted how Play Sense is revolutionizing early childhood education by creating a secure connection between home and pre-school, fostering an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, self-regulation, and adaptability—essential ingredients for instilling a lifelong love for learning in future generations.

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