Tunisia’s E-Commerce Platform Raises $336,000 From 216 Capital Ventures, an e-commerce platform based in Tunisia, has successfully raised $336,000 in funding from 216 Capital Ventures. This investment will support in its ongoing expansion efforts, particularly as it aims to enter the African market. Since its website’s launch in June 2020, has distinguished itself within the Tunisian market by offering a comprehensive selection of lifestyle products, with a primary focus on fashion and beauty.

The founders of, Omane and Malek Mzabi, expressed their pride in announcing the partnership with 216 Capital Ventures. They believe that this funding round will provide them with the means to strengthen their team, enhance their technological and logistical resources, and ultimately deliver an even better customer experience.’s product offerings encompass a wide range of items, including ready-to-wear fashion, beauty products, and accessories for the entire family. The e-shop distinguishes itself by offering a unique shopping experience, featuring renowned and authentic brands. Fashion enthusiasts can find a curated selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children. Meanwhile, beauty enthusiasts can explore quality makeup, skincare, perfumes, and sunscreen products. prioritizes quality and carefully selects each item to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

The founders of shared their enthusiasm for this funding round, emphasizing its significance in supporting the company’s ongoing development and expansion in the African market. They outlined plans to invest in technological tools, recruit experts in various fields, and allocate resources to marketing in order to establish as a top-of-mind brand among the general public.

Also, intends to invest in its logistics to enhance its supply chain and optimize costs and delivery times. As part of its international growth strategy, the startup has plans to open its first store in Algeria.

The choice to partner with 216 Capital Ventures for this funding round was driven by their expertise in digitization, finance, and marketing. The founders of expressed confidence in this collaboration, believing it will propel them further in their development journey.’s ambitious strategy, built upon a range of high-quality products and recognized expertise, positions the company to continue its growth and expansion efforts successfully.

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