Huawei, MTN, and HIMA Launch Uganda’s First 5G Industrial Use Case in an Industry Vertical

Huawei, Ugandan telecom operator MTN, and HIMA Cement Company collaborated to launch the country’s first 5G industrial use case in a HIMA cement plant. 5G will enable real-time data transmission in the production area by providing high bandwidth, low latency, and the ability to connect with a high concentration of devices. 5G will significantly improve factory production efficiency by leveraging edge computing.

“Today marks another big milestone in our journey to deploy a technology that will accelerate the realization of Uganda’s economic potential and unlock wealth creation opportunities for its people. MTN Uganda is ready, and the network is primed to roll out 5G as soon as we get the regulatory tools and approvals to do so.” Sylvia Mulinge, CEO, MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda and Huawei demonstrated the remarkable benefits of 5G at the launch event on April 3: super-fast data transmission speed and ultra-low latency. Huawei, MTN, and HIMA also demonstrated two unique scenarios made possible by the use of 5G technologies, including 5G-enabled EHS (occupational health, safety, and environment) training and video monitoring, which is more secure than training in real-world hazardous environments and more effectively ensures that factory operation faults and accident risks are detected immediately.

Gao Fei, CEO of Huawei Uganda, said: “Today, we demonstrate some industrial use cases for 5G in Uganda. To Huawei, this is an indication of our long-term relationship with MTN Uganda and trust in our technology solutions. I trust we shall continue walking this journey together because together we are unstoppable for A BETTER UGANDA.”

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