Start-ups From Africa Can Now Apply For The Hamburg Landing Pad

African greentech start-ups are welcome to submit applications for Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg, a Hamburg Invest initiative that offers customised services worth up to €50 000 (nearly $54 000) to fast-growing startups.

The program’s goal is to connect scaleups with relevant agencies in Germany’s Hamburg metropolitan region and assist them in expanding their business in the Hanseatic city with economic success. Applications are being accepted until Sunday, April 30, 2023, with selected start-ups receiving tailored services and personal support until the end of the year.

Melanie Leonhard, the Hamburg senator for economic affairs, emphasized the importance of attracting fast-growing greentech companies that use innovative technologies to develop sustainable solutions to the city’s and the world’s challenges.

Hamburg provides internationality, a high standard of living, and an innovative environment, making it an ideal location for scaleups to expand their operations.

Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg provides additional impetus to attract such companies to northern Germany and assists them in tapping into the local Hamburg ecosystem.

International scaleups with innovative greentech products that have demonstrated business success in their home market, are in a vital growth phase, have not yet established themselves in Germany, and demonstrate their intention to tap into the Hamburg ecosystem locally are eligible for the program. A panel of experts will review all submissions, and the first admission phase and onboarding will begin in May 2023.

The program’s main objective is to include international scaleups and pioneering projects into Hamburg’s technology landscape and make the city’s strengths and assets readily available as a starting point for scaling up business. Scaleup Landing Pad, run by Hamburg Invest on behalf of the Ministry of Economics and Innovation, assists growing greentech companies from the mobility, logistics, energy, and construction sectors in expanding their operations from Hamburg into Germany and Europe.

Scaleups can choose from four components offered by a curated network of external service providers with Hamburg expertise: business development, living and workspace, location consulting, and business services. The program is unique in Germany for its services and needs-based flexibility, and it will continue to strengthen Hamburg’s innovation ecosystem.

The program’s customized services will enable African greentech start-ups to grow their businesses and develop sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges.

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