Metallic Inc Announces Funding To Support Black British Creatives

Grace Ladoja MBE and Alex Sossah – founders of the London-based “global culture studio” Metallic Inc – today announced the third iteration of the Metallic Fund. This initiative offers financial support and mentorship to British Black creatives in the arts.

“Community is the core DNA of the Metallic Fund,” Ladoja said, “Our goal is to work with the community and help fast-track their journey, sharing knowledge [to] allow them to get where we got to quicker. It’s important for us to make sure the fund is accessible and reaches people outside of our network and people that know us.” 

Since its launch in 2020, the Metallic Fund has distributed £150,000 in grants to film, music, and fashion creatives. From brand-of-the-moment Feben to the music collective behind Black-owned independent radio station No Signal, the fund has elevated “many incredible talents”. “We feel so grateful to connect and be able to support [them] in their journey,” says Sossah. 

This year’s Metallic Fund will offer one platinum grant (£20,000), two gold grants (£10,000), three silver grants (£5,000), and six bronze grants (£2,500), supported by Havana Club, Bottega Veneta, and Bumble, in addition to invaluable mentorship from Ladoja and Sossah’s collaborators. 

Our mentors are literally our friends that share the same passion for culture and the same value for community growth,” Sossah explains, adding that they will suggest potential mentors for those creatives who are awarded grants. Martine Rose, Ill-Studio, Carlos Nazario, Mowalola, Errolson Hugh, Jawara Alleyne, Tremaine Emory, Lulu Kennedy, and Slam Jam have all mentored for the Metallic Fund in the past, as has the late Virgil Abloh, who Sossah says was a “number one supporter” of the initiative. 

Their ultimate goal? “To help build generational wealth as a community and a race,” says Ladoja. “It’s essential to me to support young creative entrepreneurs that understand where they want to go and think business first. Being creative is amazing, but how do you turn that into a business quicker?”

Article Source: British Vogue

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