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Global Collaboration: Hindsight Ventures Visits GetFundedAfrica

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  • GetFundedAfrica and Hindsight Ventures are both committed to supporting African entrepreneurship, and this meeting was a step towards building a stronger ecosystem for startups. By working together, both companies aim to provide entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to succeed and drive economic growth in the African business ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of economic growth and innovation, and it is essential to have an enabling environment that supports and nurtures startups. In Africa, startups face unique challenges and obstacles, but there are also many opportunities for growth and success. To support African entrepreneurship, companies like GetFundedAfrica and Hindsight Ventures are working to create an ecosystem that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Recently, Hindsight Ventures paid a visit to GetFundedAfrica which is located at the Ogun Technology Hub in Abeokuta, Ogun State to explore more opportunities for collaboration. The meeting was a chance for both companies to exchange ideas and discuss how they can support entrepreneurship locally and internationally.

Hindsight Ventures, established in 2020 by Ajay Ramasubramaniam and Jagruti Bista, is a startup accelerator with a focus on Africa. It partners with players from various industries, academia and government. With a portfolio of 107 startups from Sub-Saharan Africa, the company operates programs with well-respected partners like AB InBev, Absa Bank (Tanzania & Kenya), UNCDF, DOT Tanzania, and Microsoft ATO. It has also formed relationships with more than 25 facilitators across the continent for collaborative programming.

One of the key topics of discussion during the visit was the role that the Ogun State Government can play in supporting entrepreneurship in the area. Ajay and Jagruti were introduced by Debo Omololu and Tunji Oke, the CEO and CCO/Co-Founders of GetFundedAfrica, to Dayo Abiodun and Olakunle Akinbola, who serve as the Special Advisor to the Ogun State Government on ICT and the Special Assistant to the SA, respectively.

The meeting was an opportunity for Hindsight Ventures to learn more about the ecosystem of startups in Ogun State and the challenges they face as well as discuss the different opportunities available for the government and venture capital to create an enabling environment for startup growth. They talked about how they can work together to provide resources and support to local startups, including access to funding, mentorship, and training programs.

The team from Hindsight Ventures was impressed by the serene environment, the level of entrepreneurial activity and the innovative solutions GetFundedAfrica has developed and still has in works.

In conclusion, the meeting between Hindsight Ventures and GetFundedAfrica at Ogun State was a productive and positive step towards building a more vital entrepreneurial ecosystem. Both companies are committed to supporting startups and exploring ways to collaborate with the government to create an enabling environment for startup growth. The discussions with the Special Advisor about the different opportunities available for the government and venture capital to enable an adequate environment for startups to flourish was a key highlight of the visit.

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