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GetFundedAfrica CEO, Debola Omololu, Nominated for the AFN CEO Awards 2022

Debola Omololu, CEO & co-founder of GetFundedAfrica, has been nominated for one of the Advantage Foundry Network (AFN) CEO Awards 2022.

Launched in 2020, GetFundedAfrica is a tech-based marketplace connecting African founders with global mentors, coaches, corporates, investors, and governments. It has grown to be one of the active players in the vibrant African start-up ecosystem and environs.

Commenting on his nomination, Debola Omololu said, “I am humbled and honoured to be a nominee for the AFN CEO Awards 2022. Many thanks to AFN and Matt Sitter. Our work at GetFundedAfrica involves helping start-ups grow and positively impact societies. This nomination will spur us to strive even more to enable the growth of many more businesses.”

According to Matt Sitter, CEO & founder of AFN, “Change is where opportunity happens. Our awards reflect this belief and the critical qualities we believe are important to find opportunities for change and success, especially when challenges present themselves. This year’s three awards are The Carpe diem Award, The Leader of the Future Award, and The Resilience Award.”

Last year, the AFN’s CEO awards fielded five categories – AFN Disruptor of the Year, AFN Resilient of the Year, AFN Corporate Culture, AFN Growth of the Year, and AFN CEO of the Year – 24 nominees, and five eventual winners. The AFN CEO Awards 2022, however, has nine nominees in its three different categories, and the winners will be announced later in January 2023.

For The Carpe diem Award are Jason Hausskke, Cauze; Debola Omololu, GetFundedAfrica; and Carl Sanders-Edwards, Adeption. The next, The Leader of the Future Award, has Scott Drossos, Apogee; Nihal Shah, Biodeal Laboratories Ltd; and Jack Smith, Fortuna BMC. In the third category, The Resilience Award, the three nominees are Neil Costa of Hire Clix, John Verge of Golden Lane Housing, and Thierry Hyppolite of Nu TV.

Congratulations to all of them; for making the final list, acknowledging their work through their respective organizations. Regardless of the three ultimate winners, this recognition endorses and encourages each of these leaders to continue their service to humanity.   

Advantage Foundry Network (AFN) is a curated community of leaders and CEOS with varied expertise, experience, and perspective. It was designed to leverage the collective knowledge and wisdom of a global leadership community and amplify each member’s network capabilities.

AFN fosters an environment of high trust to allow its leaders to share and learn from one another. It uses technology, renowned subject matter experts, and skilful moderation and coaching to allow its members to connect, collaborate, and get results for their respective organizations. Because it believes that a leader’s network is the answer to any pressing question that can positively impact the organization, the team and the immediate environment.

About GetFundedAfrica

GetFundedAfrica is building Africa’s largest tech-enabled marketplace which connects African founders with global mentors, coaches, corporates, investors, and government. Whether you want to raise funds ranging from $100, 000 to $50m or you simply want to grow your business, sign up for free at:

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