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GetFundedAfrica & Wentors Team Up to Promote Female-Led Start-ups

In line with its mission to uplift people and economies in Africa through a robust start-up ecosystem, GetFundedAfrica has joined forces with Wentors to support its commitment to encouraging female-led start-ups across Africa and the Middle East.

Wentors is a social enterprise dedicated to enabling diversity and inclusion in technology careers and start-ups globally through mentorship programs, skill-up initiatives, accelerator and innovation programs backed by a diverse set of partners. Founded in 2020, it has an audacious goal of impacting eight million women worldwide by 2030, changing the narratives of women in technology, transforming lives, and turning millions of dreams into realities through this process.

GetFundedAfrica, a tech-enabled tech-enabled marketplace connecting African founders with global mentors, coaches, corporates, investors and government, will lend its expertise and experience to Wentors’ accelerator – founder – and mentorship programs for the pre-and post-phases. The agreement would also see GetFundedAfrica creating more awareness for the FoundHer campaign among its network of expanding start-ups.

This alliance between GetFundedAfrica and Wentors will no doubt empower and encourage technology start-ups, existing and new, especially those championed by African women.

It is no longer news that women are still playing catch up globally and, more significantly, in Africa where founders and tech careers are concerned. It is still a boys’ club. Over 75 per cent of start-up founders and C-suite positions are occupied by men. And despite the considerable in-roads female founders are making in the start-up ecosystem, less than one per cent of the funding secured last year went to female-owned start-ups. Investors still prefer and favour African male start-up founders over their female contemporaries.

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According to a report on sub-Saharan Africa, the overall female labour-force participation rate has reached 61%, yet women constitute only 30% of professionals in the technology industry.

However, several programmes, such as the FoundHer Accelerator and collaborations existing between companies such as GetFundedAfrica and Wentors, will prepare more females for businesses and careers in the modern technology age and positively change the trajectory of women’s involvement in this male-dominated field.

About Wentors’ FoundHER Accelerator Program

It is a platform to drive inclusion within the technology industry for women-led start-ups as well as foster female-inspired, gender-specific solutions to thrive in our world. The program will present start-up founders with the opportunity to access funding, global mentorship, business development support, etc.

Objective: To empower #female founders in Africa and the Middle East using #technology to solve endemic problems within their regions.

Structure: 4 – 6 weeks #mentorship program with a 3-day #Accelerator program to be concluded with a demo/pitch day.

About GetFundedAfrica

GetFundedAfrica is building Africa’s largest tech-enabled marketplace which connects African founders with global mentors, coaches, corporates, investors and government. Whether you want to raise funds ranging from $100, 000 to $50m or you simply want to grow your business, sign up for free at:

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