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The Impact of Technology in Marketing: Digital Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is communicating the value of a product, service, or brand to customers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand.

What is Technology? 

It might seem like a straight-forward question, but technology is about more than gadgets. Technology concerns itself with understanding how knowledge is creatively applied to organized tasks involving people and machines that meet sustainable goals. Technology has transformed marketing by making campaigns more personalized and immersive for people and creating ecosystems that are more integrated and targeted for marketers.

To understand why this is happening, we only need to look at where people get their information, their desired modes of entertainment, and their shopping preferences.

There are about 8 billion people in the world now. We live in an age where about 59 percent of people use the internet, and about 3.8 billion people have social media accounts. We have over 5 billion people with mobile devices, and over half of these connections are smartphones. One-third of online activity is spent watching videos online, with half a billion people watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on every day. So, it is easier for ads to be personalized in order to enable marketers to target their preferred audience much more easily. One of the reasons small businesses fail is due to unsuccessful marketing initiatives or strategies.

When we talk about marketing these days, we always mention digital marketing. Digital marketing could be explained as a kind of marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as personal computers, our smartphones, TVs, and so on. This way, marketers are able to target their potential customers or audience. Successful businesses use digital marketing to reach their customers and advertise their digital products. This is possible because of AI.

What is AI? AI is an acronym for “artificial intelligence.” In simple terms, it is the ability of a computer programme or a machine to think and learn. We can also call it a human simulation because it was created to perform human tasks.

What a human can do, AI can do. Funny but true.

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Before I continue, I would like us to take a look at 3 marketing strategies.

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)—from the name you can say that it is something related to search engines. This is true. SEO is a way of making your/website or its content so appear as a search result. This is one of the common ways to reach at potential audience.
  2. Email marketing is a way of sending commercial messages as emails to a group of people. These messages are normally sent as broadcast messages. Emails can also be sent to existing customers to increase loyalty or communicate important information.
  3. Social media marketing is a way of marketing a product or service using social media services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Now let’s look at how AI has helped in these 3 parts:

When we are talking about AI, algorithms play a big role. Algorithms are basically rules or instructions for a computer programme (AI is an example) to perform a particular task in the same manner. AI has become an important factor in how search engines rank pages. They do this by looking for keywords, quality contents, and so on that marketers might have used to meet the requirements of search engines. Using AI for SEO not only gives a greater opportunity to enhance page rankings but also allows marketers to develop more cohesive strategies and better content.

AI in email marketing focuses on creating emails that seem more human and less machine generated. AI has the ability to analyze a brand’s history of sent emails to identify the top-performing subject line. The subject line isn’t the only factor that influences whether or not a recipient will open an email. It’s also important to send emails at the ideal time of day and week; this is not a problem with AI because it can help you send automated emails at the appropriate time.

AI in social media marketing In order to find and make use of the engagement opportunities that add the most value on social media, digital marketing agencies and businesses have started using artificial intelligence. This is to help them reach their potential customers. And by doing that, there are several tools they make use of, like WordStream, Pattern89, Phrasee, and so on. Facebook has an improved AI that helps you choose your audience by tracking their preferences.

It might seem like we have reached the peak of technology, but the truth is that it is improving every day, and new inventions are being discovered as well as existing ones being improved upon.

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