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About Last Week: GFA Team Retreat

The Co-Founders

Statistics show that 4.5% of strategy potential is lost to poor action planning. Strategic planning can help startup businesses to grow by making sure that staff and investors are all on the same page, working toward achieving your goals.

Without a strategic plan in place, resources such as time, money, and labor will end up getting wasted on projects and tactics that do not support your business goals

Last week the GetFundedAfrica team held a strategic retreat at our headquarters in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Team members flew in from all the four corners of the world to attend the annual program.

The GetFundedAfrica Team

Having a strategic plan in place can enable you to track progress toward goals. When each department and team understand your company’s larger strategy, their progress can directly impact its success, creating a top-down approach to tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)

Programs Department

The purpose of strategic planning is to set your overall goals for your business and to develop a plan to achieve them

While others meditate, others pose for the camera

Nichole Manhire

Is the media and brand manager at GFA News. She works very closely with editors and podcasters that contribute to telling the African business success story. For marketing and advertising send Nichole an email:

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