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10 Must-have Beauty Items for Today’s Woman

Mirror, mirror on the wall; mascara, primer, foundation & gloss

Whether your make-up routine is light and barely there or you favour a glam and dramatic look, these must-have beauty items are prerequisites in the cosmetics bag of every make-up wearing woman. They are referred to as such because the items have the power to transform you in minutes from bland to glam, from bold to subtle, and keep you looking presentable for as long as you wish.

And if you have used the services of a professional make-up artist, you will recognise some of these items as they also form part of the essential toolkit of the make-up artistry trade.  

Before delving into what these must-have beauty items are, it is worth mentioning that every woman’s make-up bag is slightly different from the next, and this depends on a variety of factors – her signature look, her moods, her skin type, her preferences, etc. However, the following products are the basics that you do not want to be caught without in your bag.

This list contains ten, a fair number which should not take up much space or your time when using them to create a particular look. But if you feel that some others have been left out, please go right ahead and stock up your bag as you want.

must-have beauty items
  • Face primer

Not many make-up wearing woman consider this a must-have beauty item. In fact, most skip this step in the make-up process. But if you regularly put on your face, it is good advice to use this as protection from all the other items that come right after it.

  • Foundation

This is the foundation of your entire make-up process; it prepares the face by covering uneven or discoloured skin tone. Make-up artists recommend that foundation be applied using a beauty sponge.

  • Concealer

As the name implies, this must-have beauty staple will cover all your flaws, wrinkles, fine lines, scars, spots, dark circles, etc. It could also function as a base for your lipstick or eye shadow.

  • Eye shadow

The eyes have it when you make them pop with colours. The look could be understated or bold; any choice you settle on, your eye shadow palette with vibrant and neutral colours will grant your wish, if included in your cosmetics kit.

  • Eyeliner

This is another product drawing attention to your eyes. You do not want to be without it. It is the reason for the winged-eye and the smoky-eyed looks. And those are just the things a black-coloured eye liner can do. It also comes in brown and dark grey hues.

  • Mascara

There is something about the eyes and a saying backs them up – the eyes are the windows to the soul. It explains why three of the 10 must-have beauty items on this list are for the eyes, and dare we say this is the most important of all of them? Mascara will add length, thickness, and volume to your lashes. Surely, you want that.

  • Lipstick

There is power in lipstick, right? A bold red lipstick elevates your confidence from zero to hero instantly, completing your overall make-up look. But if you are not a fan of red, lipstick comes in all shades for you to choose from.

  • Lip gloss

We separated this from the lipstick above because we did not want to make it an either-or option. You should have both in your make-up bag. There will be days when lipstick will do the trick, and others when gloss would fit just fine. Sometimes, you would want to combine the two.

  • Translucent powder

This goes at the end of your application process to control the shine and oil. It gives an all-round flawless, blended finish, setting your foundation and concealer to last, and smoothening out the borders of each make-up item.

  • Applicators

Sponges, puffs, and brushes (among other applicators) help to keep your face clean while making up. Unlike when you use your hands to slather foundation or even out eye shadow, there is no telling what germs or dirt you can transfer from your fingers to your face.

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