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GFA Spotlight: Lynkwise (GetFundedAfrica July/August Fundraising Cohort Edition)

About Lynkwise

Lynkwise, launched in 2020 by Ryan Penderis and Sean Penderis, is a Namibia-based fintech startup that provides a platform for African banks, insurers, and tech companies to undertake collections through direct payroll integration with any financial institution, payroll systems, and workers.

Meet Ryan Penderis (Co-Founder)

What inspired you to create this company? What was the extra push?

“Financial inclusion for all Africans.”

What do you wish you knew before starting your entrepreneurial journey?

“Just start, don’t wait.”

What are the key successes as a founder?

“Being nominated as SAICA top 35 under 35. Winning AfricArena’s “Most innovative startup in Southern Africa.”

What were the challenges you have faced as an African founder? How did you overcome them?

“B2B sales gets a lot of “Nos”. You need to keep going.”

Can you share your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

“Don’t wait for the perfect time.”

Fun fact about you?

“I love to travel and build businesses.”

What are your social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) so that our readers can connect you?

LinkedIn: Ryan Penderis CA(SA) | LinkedIn

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