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7 Different Make-up Looks for Everyday Occasions

Mirror, mirror on the wall; glam, bold, natural, or nude make-up? Different make-up looks are created for different occasions. The face beat for a red-carpet event should differ from the cosmetic appearance at a wedding ceremony. Or ought to be. So, when a make-up artist sets a brush to your face, there is usually a goal in mind, a make-up look relating to the occasion at hand.

Creating different make-up looks is possible because temporary beauty products are conveniently wipeable, and such fun things to manipulate for the desired outcome. In other words, apply make-up, rinse/wipe it off, and repeat. 

Everyday occasions require different make-up looks which can vary in shades, depths, time of application, and long-lasting capacity. And just as there exist a myriad of make-up artists, here are eight make-up looks gracing the faces of women of the world as they navigate life and its numerous events.

The No Make-up, Natural Look

Did you ever imagine that the words make-up and natural would appear side by side to mean something? Well, here they are, giving the illusion that you have no cosmetic item on your face. But alas, that is not to be. Make-up items are certainly involved in this look, but they are expertly applied and to a minimal degree to achieve exactly the no make-up, natural-ish goal. The beauty products slightly enhance your features, highlighting what is already there, making you look yourself but polished as well. This look could fit in with any event you so desire.

The Workplace Make-up Look

Whether you work physically in a location or from home, your office make-up should blend with your profession, appropriate for your specific workplace. Not too light that it is barely there; neither too heavy with all the colours of the rainbow on display, distracting colleagues and making you look unprofessional. But sufficiently presentable, reflecting your competence and enduring the stretch of hours spent earning a living. It could be a slight upgrade of the no make-up, natural look. Take a mini make-up bag along, just in case.

The Smoky-eyed Make-up Look

The third look on this list needs no introduction; most make-up lovers are aware of it. It has been in existence since the 1930s, and it is all about drawing attention to the eyes, as its name suggests. The calls it “a timelessly sexy and classic make-up look. . .  smouldering style. . .unbeatable for night time. . . looks good on everyone and is universally flattering.” The smoky-eyed make-up look is all about dramatic, eye make-up technique that leaves your eyes with a dark, sultry outcome. Though not usually worn regularly, who says you cannot have this look as often as you please, especially since it is universally flattering?

The Nude Make-up Look

This next look is often confused with the first on the list – no make-up, natural look. Because if done properly, it can be unnoticeable. Like its natural look counterpart, it embellishes the face with natural cosmetic shades which are adapted to the skin colour. The look creates the illusion that you are make-up free when, in fact, the pared-down aspect of this technique is responsible for your nude appearance. It is also a look that can be worn every day and for a variety of events.

The African Traditional Make-up Look

This is not one of the globally recognized make-up looks. Instead, you will usually see the traditional African make-up look in special community ceremonies like festivals, coronations, weddings, naming events, coming-of-age occasions, hunting activities, etc. Even in productions from Nollywood, this look has found a somewhat permanent place; as it only beautifies but also reflects culture and tradition, and it is often worn with pride.

The Dramatic Make-up Look

Are you bold and looking to add pizzazz to your make-up routine? The dramatic style could be just the one for you. Also referred to as the bold look, it is sure to bring character and attention to your face. It is a very glamorous style with bold, visible strokes that will stand you out at any event. This look is perfect for evening events and parties.

The Permanent Make-up Look

If you have always wanted to say, “I woke up like this”, then you are a prime candidate for the permanent make-up look. This style almost didn’t make the list because of its very nature, but it is still regarded as a make-up look. While the others mentioned above are temporary fixes, the permanent-up look is exactly as it sounds . . . permanent. Also called micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattoo, it is done with a pen which tattoos the skin to imitate an eyeliner or lipstick. It cannot be wiped or rinsed off at night and is able to last for three to five years. 

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