Egyptian Medical Startup 5 Quarters secures Undisclosed Seed Round

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  • Cairo-based medical startup “5 Quarters” has raised seed funding from a Saudi angel investor. The company founded in 2016 by Mohamed Salah and Noha Emad, started as a medical and dental courses startup and has been in the market for medical education for more than 6 years mainly in Egypt.

The name comes from the 4 branches of The Healthcare sector; medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and physiotherapy. The fifth quadrant is what they promise; the extra value you won’t find elsewhere is what they offer.

The startup offers healthcare professionals online courses (available on its web and mobile-based platform) by the best trainers in their field with the latest technology and content with ADA-accredited certificates, in addition to practical training and on-ground courses to practice what they have learned to get the best benefit and show their work.

They have served over 15k customers to date in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, UAE, Tunisia, and Jordan.

They found that healthcare graduates and professionals were suffering from three main issues; outdated content and lack of good training in the faculties, expensive traditional training, etc…

The startup addresses all of this, offering a wide range of online courses by the best trainers with ADA-accredited certificates. Along with practical training and offline courses.

5 Quarters plans to use the investment to fuel its growth in both directions; horizontal growth by expanding our practical practice into Saudi Arabia and vertical growth by adding new services to the medical sector professionals, clinics and hospitals.

They added that Since their early beginnings they were driven by youth’s intense passion and a genuine sense of duty to help the medical community everywhere by providing better education while maintaining affordable prices.

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