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Make-up Artists vs Makeover Pros: The Same or Two Different Individuals?

In the minds of some men, the make-up artist doubles as a makeover pro as well; someone capable of transforming a female acquaintance of theirs – mum, sister, wife, partner, niece, aunt, etc – into an unrecognizable entity at the end of the highlighting, contouring and powdering process. Are they onto something about the blurred line between the two or do both professionals have distinct uses? While make-up artists of almost all shades have been featured prominently in previous articles, makeover pros are yet to be written about.

So let’s find out if these two endeavours are intertwined.  

The make-up artist is . . .?

Someone adept at wielding cosmetic products to trace, disguise, or otherwise manipulate a face for beautification purposes, depending on the occasion. Be it heavy make-up for a theatre production, a flawless face for a wedding ceremony, a toned-down look for funeral rites or a glittery finish for a black-tie event, the make-up artist can determine the appropriate facial appearance to create. This person understands symmetry, the colour wheel as well as how shades can transform or downplay certain features of the human face.

While the makeover pro . . .

Does not concentrate on the face alone. Performing a makeover is an overall beauty treatment involving a person’s hairstyle, cosmetics and clothing with the intention to change and/or improve a person’s appearance. Thanks to popular movies and TV shows – The Devil Wears Prada, Style Her Famous, Extreme Makeover, Fixer Upper, Extreme Makeover; Home Edition, etc – we have all become familiar with the transformational effects of the hands of makeover pros on living and non-living things alike.

No blurred lines here but. . .

Many a make-up artist has performed wonders on female faces which are often likened to the transformational powers associated with the makeover process. The layered effects of primer, foundation, bronzer, powder, contour, etc can dramatically change the appearance of a face and make it look five or ten years younger. So to an extent, the make-up artist could be referred to as a makeover professional. Also, the use of cosmetics is sometimes part of the makeover method, but not necessarily.

One more thing linking these two vocations is the result – usually a confidence boost. There’s no denying the fact that we feel better when we are confident about our overall look. The make-up artist enhances and beautifies faces with cosmetic products while the makeover pro remodels one’s everyday look and feelings about oneself through changes in hairstyle, clothes, shoes, etc.  

And the bottom line

The make-up artist and the makeover pro are two separate experts performing different jobs for different purposes. Occasionally, the make-up artist complements the work of the makeover pro. But whether it is beautifying a face, improving life or remodelling a house, these two professionals always strive towards the same goal – to make their clients look and feel good.

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