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GetFundedAfrica Family Day! 

In modern organizations, various events such as team bonding, hangouts, and so on are held to create a warm and engaging workplace. Family Day has also been invented to help foster personal relationships and improve the emotional health of employees. Family is the single most influential factor in a child’s life. It has a substantial impact on how an individual develops and should never be ignored. 

As an entrepreneur who is always busy and spends most of his or her time at the office, your children, spouse, or even mother might well be wondering about what you do at work that takes up your time so much. It could be out of fascination or just curiosity.  

According to a LinkedIn survey, 50% of parents believe they could help their children more if they understood what they did at work. Even more so in this Gen Z era, where practically every person who reaches 18 intends to secure a job and leave their parents’ house. 

It was a day of close bonding at the recent GetFundedAfrica Family Day, as families visited and exchanged pleasantries. Meaningful conversations were also held between authorities and parents, who explained the positions and core values of their various family members for the sole purpose of GetFundedAfrica, which enables African start-ups. 

Corporate Family Day often helps to boost employee morale while also providing a natural avenue for team building, stimulating connections between leaders and employees, and creating a comfortable office environment.

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Silas Ugochi

Silas Ugochi is a Staff Writer and Content Creator at GetFundedAfrica. Ugochi is an educated content writer who relishes using her skills to help GetFundedAfrica's Media Team achieve the goal of sharing the success stories of African entrepreneurs. When she isn't writing articles, she can be found listening to music, reading, or DJing.

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