Stllr Network Raises Six-Figure Investment Round

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  • Stllr Network closed a six-figure investment amount after a public beta launch from 500 Global, angel investors through Women Spark and Falak Angels. The list of investors includes backers from the KSA Ministry of Investment, ex-Microsoft and Oracle leaders, Accenture, Emkan and the Digital Cooperation Organisation.

A company on average outsources up to 40% of its marketing budget. Stllr reduces wasted costs in marketing departments, and miscommunication with external vendors and gives companies a plug-and-play marketing model through experimenting with different campaigns like SEO, media buying, social media and more.

CEO Nouran Ghannam comments “there is an untapped potential of teams in the marketing industry, but the best teams are formed on their own through the network. This model is the first of its kind in the world, and only in a community-based region like ours, is it the best place to start. 34% of all experts in the network come through referrals by someone already in the network. They can build and manage their own teams through Stllr’s technology. It’s social. We doubled our talent pool in 2022 just through the network.” 

Stllr Network aspires to be MENA’s largest network of vetted marketing talent who are nominated to projects, introduced to others and access to larger projects and enterprises, unlike traditional freelancing. 

Their beta customers include a pilot with Zid and TikTok MENA, Hesas Misr, a semi-governmental initiative by almentor, Ministry of Education and Nagwa, Grinta, a collaboration with Zid and TikTok,  as well as various e-commerce stores, in Egypt and KSA. Stllr experts have success stories achieving over 1M in sales for one, and 5x monthly orders for another.

Stllr Network launched Packages for partners, giving businesses access to quick marketing deliverables with fast checkouts like company profiles or designs.

Nouran adds, “Stllr Academy wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Tanmia W Tatweer, a grant by the Arab Development Bank. We can scout talent from Stllr Academy with the network’s quality at our core.”

Stllr Network’s public beta was launched on 8th December with a rooftop launch party exclusively for its community, partners and experts. The fresh funds will be used to invest in acquiring local talents, decentralising the network and regional expansion across KSA and the GCC.


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