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GetFundedAfrica Visits The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) FinTech Hive is the first and largest financial technology accelerator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. The hive contains everything start-ups require to do business – accelerator programmes, licensing, co-working support, like-minded community of individuals and an enabling regulatory framework – and connects them with the region’s largest financial industry stakeholders and institutions.  

With the DIFC, the United Arab Emirates is positioning itself as the home of innovation. It could also serve as the gateway for African start-ups into the Middle East and Asia regions while doing the same for Middle Eastern companies into Africa.  

GetFundedAfrica (GFA), the venture service firm, recently paid a visit to DIFC. As an organization enabling African start-ups to grow and scale, GFA’s mission aligns with the numerous activities ongoing at DIFC. The venture service firm seeks beneficial ways to partner with DIFC in support of African start-ups looking to expand beyond the shores of Africa as well as  

  • leverage a special UAE visa program for African founders 
  • secure discounted office spaces in the DIFC co-working space for African start-ups 
  • obtain discounted company registration fees for African start-ups  
  • procure discounted home accommodations for African founders 
  • get investment from available venture capital partners 

A collaboration of this nature would enable both organizations achieve their individual goals faster with their combined resources, further establishing them in their various sectors. 

As discussions progress, regular updates will be shared with African start-ups registered on GFA platform. If you want to register with GFA, please do so via this link. 

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