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GFA Spotlight: Tribease (GetFundedAfrica May/June Fundraising Cohort Edition)

About the Founder

Moses Omuetha is the CEO and founder of Tribease–Anderstek, a fintech company facilitating the ease of payments and access to immediate credit or funds among its users. To achieve this, it has developed a cardless credit charge to offer the Buy Now Pay Later option to its clientele.

Prior to setting up Tribease-Anderstek, Moses held positions in real estate, project quality, strategy & product development, construction and co-working business. He has a background in civil engineering and environmental management.

His personal motto is “opportunities lie in the people whom you have not met.” And he’s passionate about finding and creating solutions for every day human needs.  

Outside Tribease-Anderstek, Moses likes football and networking.

About the Business: Tribease-Anderstek

Seventeen years ago, Tribease-Anderstek came to being due to the absence of credit facilities, the opportunity for people to spend more and/or access to getting what they wanted when they wanted. It is developing technology solutions to address customers’ or users’ needs across lifestyle and hospitality.

Up to this point, Tribease-Anderstek has logged over 4000 transactions amounting to $13000 performed; despite facing obstacles in the form of access to funding line and a high marketing cost. There is also the little issue of competing companies such as Credpal, Carbon, Specta and LipaLater. But Tribease-Anderstek sees itself as a promising and prepared opponent in the marketplace with expansion plans in the works. Having gotten this far on the funding of family, friends and an angel round last year, it believes that there is more to achieve with even additional investment, especially externally.

In five years, it projects having a presence in almost all of Nigerian states and key hubs in Africa. This will no doubt contribute economically and socially to the communities from which it will be operate as it currently does in Lagos where it is headquartered with 12 staff members.

Tribease-Anderstek wants to be known as “The tribe of ease for replacing cash with trust.”

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