Afropolitan Raises $2.1 Million to Bring Web3 to the African Diaspora

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  • Looking to right historical wrongs and build a global digital community with real-world impact, Web3 collective Afropolitan announced that it had raised $2.1 million in pre-seed funding to advance its vision of a digital nation for the African Diaspora.

Throughout the crypto space, many projects are known to be driven by the community for the community, Afropolitan is such a web 3 collective. 

Prominent Web 3 collective with the goal of supporting the cause of opportunities led by the community for African descent people, Afropolitan, seeking its ways to NFTs and digital assets. While following its goal to correct the historical wrongs and to build a digital community globally with the influence of the real world, the Web 3 collective has raised $2.1 million worth of capital pre-seed funding.

Afropolitan announced that this $2.1 million worth funding would help them advance their vision of creating a whole digital nation that would belong to the African Diaspora. The funding round was participated by Cultur3 Capital, #Hashed and former CTO of Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan. 

Eche Emole and Chika Uwazie founded Afropolitan in 2016 as a goal to form a community that would serve the African Diaspora, this will organize and feature events and reach to the people of similar kind. It was this itself when the community decided to move towards Web 3 while becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and digital nation based on Network State and Afrofuturism concepts of Balaji Srinivasan. 

Co-founder of Afropolitan, Eche Emole said that as he recalls there was a specific quote in Srinivasan’s article that says that because it is not possible to think for brand new then there is need to fight for the old. Emole said that this thought put him in a depression for a long time as he felt like this quote is trying to tell something. 

Emole further continents that in December, then they were in Nairobi, Kenya. He woke up early in the morning and was walking around the room when Chika asked him if he was in a trance and if it’s alright with him. Emole turned to Chika and said that it would sound crazy and weird but he thought that they needed to create a whole new country. 

As it turns out, for Emole and Uwaize, it depends upon their choice to establish a digital country for the African Diaspora. Emole said that it never happened when black people had chosen any country out of their reflection and trust. It always happen to them by force and accident either in the form of colonism or to trade them as slaves. 

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