Fundraising Cohort Program May/June 2022GFA Spotlight

GFA Spotlight: zVendo (GetFundedAfrica May/June Fundraising Cohort Edition)

About the Founder(s)

Tarek Hassan Bakry and Sameh Ahmed AbdelFattah are the co-founders of as CEO and CTO respectively. It is an end-to-end eCommerce solution provider for retailers to sell and grow their business online.

Prior to, both co-founders also created Business Boomers for e-commerce, the company behind Tarek has a background in sales and marketing, while Sameh complements his sales background with his system engineering experience.

Tarek lives by the mantra “do good, look good”, and Sameh is an eCommerce enthusiast with a genuine love for technology, new trends and challenges. He also has a never give up attitude, a unique trait which contributes to his co-founder’s ability to connect the dots in situations when they present themselves.

Beyond, Tarek can be found swimming and involved in sports.

About was created after Sameh, the founder, had a family experience in eCommerce and saw the need for a local solution and services enabler to support merchants in growing their businesses online.

The platform was developed to address the issues of lack of sufficient ecommerce knowledge, inadequate experienced solution providers, and the ability and know-how to manage and grow businesses online. There was also the need for a local solution provider with ready-made local payment, shipping and loyalty integrations. wants to become the Middle East and Africa’s (MEA) local eCommerce, solution provider, market leader by enabling merchants to have a seamless, online, selling experience by providing a hub of solutions and services that cater to their needs while adding real value to their businesses through a complete, step-by-step, scalability guidance.

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In its fourth year of existence, has 85 employees and a string of successes under its belt:

  • 1000+ clients
  • 30+ partners
  • 20+ payment gateways
  • 5+ shipping and warehousing partners
  • 3+ Countries
  • Launched zVendo food in Jan. 2022
  • Founders won Egypt’s Entrepreneur Award in 2021 – General Tech.

These accomplishments were attained despite the challenges of local market economic conditions which delayed merchants’ business growth as well as funding delays for the company. Nevertheless, it is regarded as the local market leader in its home country, Egypt, and continues to compete against local competitors – ExpandCard & Zyda – and international brands, Shopify & WooCommerce. intends to expand into the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with Africa following closely behind. In five years, it aspires to $50M in revenue and 50,000 active online stores in 10 countries. It wants to be synonymous with being the best local solution and services provider everywhere it has presence.

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