Nigerian Startup, Humansquad Raises ‘six figure’ Pre-seed Funding

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  • HumanSquad, a Nigerian immigration startup has announced securing a 6-figure pre-seed investment led by Calm Fund to boost its development of proprietary immigration tech products. The funding will help the startup boost its development of proprietary immigration tech products.

HumanSquad, a Nigerian startup automating immigration requests and processes, has raised an undisclosed amount in pre-seed funding. Co-founder and CEO of the company, Tunde Omotoye, who disclosed this says the ‘six-figure’ pre-seed investment was led by Calm Fund.

In addition to the funding, HumanSquad says it is also getting invaluable support from the strong network of other founders and VCs within Calm Fund.

The fundraising came exactly two years after the company launched in June 2020. According to Omotoye, the funding would enable the company to move more effectively in all of the areas that are key to its success.

What they are saying 

Announcing the funding via his Twitter handle, Omotoye said: “The past 2 years have been filled with incredible progress. We’ve been building other sub-products under HumanSquad (which is now the parent company), hiring, getting recognized in Canada’s startup ecosystem, and getting ready to ship a study abroad product to its first users in a couple of weeks. Everything started with just two people — until now.” 

  • “Today, we are thrilled to announce the next big chapter in our journey: a six-figure pre-seed investment led by Calm Fund. The funding enables us to move more effectively in all of the areas that are key to our success.
  • “In terms of product, we will continue the development of our proprietary immigration tech product as well as the study abroad product (launching in a few weeks) which we have been building in the past few months. Our vision is to create products along the immigration value chain that are world-class in terms of usability and simplicity,” he added.
  • Omotoye said the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what immigration products have to offer. “We foresee that there will be an entirely new category of APIs built on top of our products within a few years, and we want to be at the forefront of the development.
  • We will also be hiring some extraordinary software engineers, marketing leads, and design experts to join us on our journey. Joining HumanSquad at this stage is a perfect opportunity for those who enjoy taking ownership and want to play a significant role in the evolution of our products and HumanSquad as a company,” he said.


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