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GFA Spotlight: ScholarX

Following the pandemic, several schools and educational institutions have turned to eLearning and mobile learning to distribute educational materials, aid studying, enable peer-to-peer learning and remote teaching, and streamline education administration and communication among schools, students, teachers, and parents.

This has resulted in the establishment of edtechs with the purpose of harnessing educational technologies to unlock Africa’s potential. ScholarX is one of such.

Bola Lawal, Damilola Emuze, and Maxwell Ogunfuyi founded ScholarX in July 2016 with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. ScholarX is a technology-enabled social enterprise that helps Nigerian youths obtain high-quality education at a low or no cost through scholarships and other possibilities. This is done via the app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS.

The ScholarX app allows customers to access specifications and browse listings of available scholarships that meet their requirements. In 2017, ScholarX launched Village, an education crowdfunding platform that allows African secondary school and university students to create fundraising campaigns for sponsorship.

Just last year, the startup received a grant from the GSMA Innovation Fund for Mobile Internet Adoption and Digital Inclusion and launched LearnAm in partnership with telecommunications service provider, Airtel NG.

LearnAm is a mobile platform that offers audio and video content to help Africans improve their digital and vocational skills in order to find decent jobs. It takes a 360-degree strategy by offering learning opportunities, competence assessments, and a marketplace that connects users to employers, clients, and apprenticeships.

The LearnAm app’s initial version was created on KaiOS and will be available on low-cost “smart-feature phones” with content in local languages like Pidgin English, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

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ScholarX has acquired investment from angel investors in the past, which has been leveraged to grow the startup’s capacity in terms of workforce and technology to manage fundraising, recruiting, and placement of successful students in the programme.

The startup intends to contribute to the objective of creating an ecosystem for education funding for current students and recent graduates.

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