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GFA Spotlight: Mobility 54 

Investments in Africa has accelerated at an incredible rate, and variations in the flow of this investment are already changing the African economic environment. With these investments, start-ups can generate more revenue and create job opportunities for Africa’s young and fast-growing population. 

With start-ups working hard to close Africa’s funding gap, which is presently $331 billion, according to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), more global and domestic investments are needed to help them develop and expand. 

The discourse about Africa is transitioning from one of shortfalls and gaps to one of opportunities and inventiveness. Investment companies are some of the instruments that are helping in this operation. An investment company is a corporation charged with investing the pooled money from public and private entities in financial securities in accordance with prearranged strategies. 


Mobility 54 Investment SAS is an investment company dedicated to addressing social challenges in Africa with innovative mobility technology and services. The company is a specialized Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) for Africa founded in October 2019 under Toyota Tsusho Corporation and CFAO with Takeshi Watanabe as the CEO and Kiyohisa Imada as the Deputy CEO.  

This investment company is partnering with and has made early and revolutionary investments in companies that provide seamless mobility operations in Africa. They have so far established partnerships with credible automobile companies like Acceleron, Autochek Africa, Zembo, Kai Senegal, InTouch, AiCare, Kamtar amongst others.

They just recently led a pre-seed round of $1.5 million amongst other investors for an Insurtech start-up that is making it easier to buy and claim insurance.  

They are “investing in the future of Africa.”

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