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GetFundedAfrica, Dream VC in Start-up Ecosystem Partnership

GetFundedAfrica, a venture capital service enabling African start-ups, has announced its collaboration with Dream VC to democratize access to understanding the venture capital landscape in Africa.

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The partnership will leverage the extensive networks and social resources of both organizations; thus allowing them showcase and support each other virtually as well as physically through individual and combined projects.

Dream VC is an investor accelerator and community-driven, educational platform offering rigorous remote programs specifically for venture capital around Africa’s start-up ecosystems. Founded in 2021, it is catalyzing the next generation of African ecosystem builders. Last year, it introduced two new programs, Launch into Venture Capital (LIVC) and Investor Accelerator, to educate over 50 new potential investors for African markets.

“We are happy to enter into cooperation with an ecosystem catalyst like GetFundedAfrica, who is actively helping a wide range of African start-ups to fundraise. Through our respective programs, I am hopeful we will move the needle and drive substantially more funders into the ecosystem, thus pushing more funding to African tech” said Mark Kleyner, Co-Founder, Dream VC.

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Since 2020, GetFundedAfrica has utilized its learning, fundraising techniques and technology services to expose start-ups from Africa to the world, opening them up to the required venture capital funding. In 2021, it was involved in about 3.6% of the deals brokered in Africa in one way or another.

This partnership with Dream VC resonates with its mission of enabling African start-ups.

“Dream VC is bringing up the next generation of investors and GetFundedAfrica is bringing up the next generation of start-ups. Our partnership will enable more start-ups get funded to solve every day African problems,” stated Debo Omololu, CEO & Co-founder, GetFundedAfrica.

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