Nigerian Startup, Raises $150,000 Pre-Seed Funding To Revolutionise Service Delivery

Nigerian startup, has secured a $150,000 pre-seed round as it is set to launch it business operations in the country.

The tech startup said it wants to revolutionalise service delivery as it focuses on the low-income earners; majorly artisans and vendors that do not have access to digital/online visibility to increase its customer base as that is the starting point of search for such services, especially in the post-coivd19 world.

It basically offers artisans/vendors that use its platform access to a dashboard that allows them to advertise and promote their services or products with a safe finance setup that makes their payment seamless and secure while the user in turn also gets to work with a vendor/artisan that is verified with insurance cover in case of eventualities.

What you should know about Rísé.ng

  • Founded in 2019 by Olawunmi Oyedeji, Rísé.ng said it wants to expand on a pan-African network of markets in the nearest future.
  • The inspiration for Rísé comes from ‘Try My Job’, a reality TV show that involves influential people swapping jobs with their fans for a day and giving SMEs a platform to showcase their products and services.
  • Rísé leverages this to offer the best set of artisans and vendors that anyone would require to meet their day to day needs.

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