African Genetics Company Raises $1.6m Seed Round

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  • Billed as the first African-based direct-to-consumer genetics company to introduce polygenic risk scoring (PRS) to generate DNA test results, BioCertica has just launched a $1.6 million seed round after raising $650 000 in pre-seed funding.

PRS results is said to enable BioCertica to provide clients with a much higher resolution DNA result than was previously available in the market.

It increases the level of accuracy when determining genetic predisposition to conditions like high blood pressure, gluten sensitivity, obesity and heart diseases, as well as determining individual genetic incline towards optimal vitamin D levels, cholesterol levels and sleeping habits.

Gert van Wyk, the founder and chief executive of BioCertica. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn

Gert van Wyk, the founder and chief executive of BioCertica. tells Ventureburn that this technological advancement will enable African healthcare practitioners to gain deeper insights into their patients’ genetics through the BioCertica Practitioners Platform. This advances preventative care and precision medicine.

BioCertica is a user’s-privacy-centred genetic testing platform launched in August 2020. It displays a user’s customised genetic results on a built-for- purpose application available on all major app stores.

The lead investor of the pre-seed round and technology partner, Ministry of Programming (MOP), built and developed bespoke genetic pipelines suited for the African market. Earlier, MOP ranked on the Financial Times’ FT1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

Leveraging Bio-Fintech tools

“At BioCertica, we believe that prevention is better than cure; by leveraging Bio-Fintech tools we enable our clients to make more informed lifestyle and health-related decisions daily. Meanwhile, our technology ecosystem protects the privacy of our users with bank-grade security protocols and encryption,” says Van Wyk.

BioCertica currently provides a range of lifestyle-based DNA test kits for nutrition and well-being, ancestry, fitness, weight management, cardiovascular health, skincare, mental health, and other traits.

According to Van Wyk it adds value to individuals of all ages by giving you the knowledge to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. BioCertica offers collaboration opportunities of various kinds.

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