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GFA Opinion: Problems Entrepreneurs In Africa Face

With the present emphasis on supporting the African start-up ecosystem and the level of globalization, entrepreneurs in Africa have been provided with opportunities to build their products and services on a global scale. 

Emerging enterprises in Africa stimulate the economy and create the vast majority of local employment, as well as contribute to the expansion of the digital economy, which is one of the primary reasons why we place such a high priority on developing them. 

As an entrepreneur in Africa, you are bound to encounter several challenges that may discourage you from actively growing your unique ideas or venturing into whatever enterprise you choose to establish. 

  • Insufficient financial support: One of the obvious and significant barriers that entrepreneurs seeking to establish exceptional enterprises in Africa encounter is the limited access to funding or steady cash to help the business last a long time. Some organisations and government agencies are actively trying to help curb this issue by getting involved in providing credit support. 
  • Unclear regulatory framework: Lack of clear and favourable government regulations put in place to support entrepreneurs. In some African countries, the leaders are currently working on implementing bills that would, over time, affect start-ups positively. 
  • Lack of mentorship and training courses: Starting up and growing a business can get overwhelming and complicated, especially if you have no access to mentors/financial knowledge development that would serve as guides when making decisions that could abruptly affect the company.  
  • Inadequate provision of infrastructure: To operate flawlessly in Africa, there should be measures taken by the government to provide basic amenities such as constant electricity, high-quality roads, a proper transit system and connectivity. Resolving this issue will help start-ups that have already discovered back-up solutions save money, as well as help those who cannot afford it. 

As time goes on, techniques are being developed to examine the fundamental issues caused by external factors.

There are a series of problems unknowingly created internally by the entrepreneurs due to lack of financial expertise, self-doubt, criticism, stress, and so on.  

  • Research: Entrepreneurs make the mistake of hurtling off to create companies before carrying out proper research to check out the exact problems they intend to solve and if there’s an attainable market for that. You ought to do a deep dive into the market to get an overview of how to actualize the thesis, as well as get a full understanding of the opportunity size.  
  • Budget and Plans: Obtaining finances could go a long way in a business, but this does not necessarily ensure success. Some entrepreneurs lack the capacity to create suitable budgets and strategies on how to spend the money to keep the revenue flowing. Work on prioritising your plans, keeping a comprehensive record of all financial transactions, and sticking to your budget.  
  • Time Management: Setting unattainable long-term goals can also serve as a source of discouragement for entrepreneurs. There are a lot of tasks to complete at the start of the project, which might be overwhelming. The solution is to set flexible, short-term goals to help you move in the right direction while also managing your time.  
  • Investor Readiness: Start-up founders must be ready. There is a need to understand how to structure deals that benefit investors, including how to sell an idea and attract investors to their company. There are online courses and training programs available to assist you in learning the underlying principles such as the Remsana Investor Readiness Course and so many others.  
  • Mental Health: Creating and operating a business, as previously said, can be a difficult task. Things may not always go as planned, which may be unsettling. Some entrepreneurs work hard and neglect to care for their mental health, notwithstanding the fact that it is vital to do so. Invest in your mental health by scheduling time for relaxation, being optimistic, and celebrating your achievements, no matter how small. 
  • Teamwork: Do not make the mistake of attempting to complete all of the tasks on your own. Hire reputable and professional people to assist with some of the work. Things get done faster, more successfully, and more efficiently this way, with less stress. 

There will be moments when self-doubt creeps in when you need to make key decisions or when the business is challenged. It is important to remember that you should always keep an open mind, acquire basic knowledge in order to truly understand what you are up against, and have faith in yourself as an entrepreneur.  

These current issues do not, however, prevent you from reaching your primary objective of effectively establishing, managing, and developing a business. Find a way to address problems in the backend and strive to grow. 

Silas Ugochi

Silas Ugochi is a Staff Writer and Content Creator at GetFundedAfrica. Ugochi is an educated content writer who relishes using her skills to help GetFundedAfrica's Media Team achieve the goal of sharing the success stories of African entrepreneurs. When she isn't writing articles, she can be found listening to music, reading, or DJing.

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