Keyla Commits to Free eCommerce Websites for 10,000 SMEs . Raises $250k Seed Funding

In celebration of its first anniversary, Keyla Technologies has announced the offering of free eCommerce websites to 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in partnership with Terminal Africa, throughout 2022.

Keyla Technologies’ goal is to provide emerging businesses with the opportunity to scale beyond their current reach, attract more customers and grow their audience.

The tech-focused business was founded last year by Alexander Okun Oziegbe and Anthony Ihiere Enakhifo to deliver quality technical services to customers at all times, in order to drive business efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

The company leverages technology and innovative minds to build products and provide services that facilitate better standards for businesses and individuals.

During the celebration of its one-year anniversary held recently in Lagos, Nigeria, the startup also announced that it had raised $250,000 in seed funding to be leveraged in the development of its latest product, Cravings, a food delivery service, which includes live tracking, to be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Speaking on Keyla’s journey, Enakhifo, said from inception, the team built Keyla to play a key role in tech advancement on the African continent through the provision of quality services, and to develop tech products that will solve key business problems. “I’m glad to say that a year later it has been a challenging but fulfilling journey,” he said.

“Remarkably we serviced over 30 clients this year providing them with our services. It is our goal to position the company to be a frontier in bringing new and advanced technological solutions to Nigeria. We want to be that symbol such that when people think of innovations and inventions in Africa, they think Keyla.”


Nichole Manhire

Is the media and brand manager at GFA News. She works very closely with editors and podcasters that contribute to telling the African business success story. For marketing and advertising send Nichole an email: nichole@getfundedafrica.com

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