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Remsana is your go- to online resource to acquire the knowledge you need to grow your business from where you are to where you desire to be. Remsana offers a range of business-related topics, on an easily accessible and user friendly platform and keeps you up to date, with the trends in the industry.

Remsana is the learning portal of GetFundedAfrica, GetFundedAfrica is our continent’s solution to providing insights, fundraising and education to the rapid growth in the community of start-ups, striving to create a better future for all. We are Africa’s innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

Target Market
•Start-ups-Young company/business founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market. Most of these companies are seeking funding or trying to find the best way to launch and create a profitable business
•Smes-Small business owners have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience. Some are past business owners, while others are completely new to entrepreneurship. Some have a strong hold on their financials, while others are more creative thinkers. But, the common thread is that all small business owners need to plan and track their business’s financials if they want to be successful.
•Employees-Persons currently working in paid employment but seeking to switch careers or add on to change their lifestyle.
•Youth-Skilled or unskilled seeking source of income and livelihood.

Who are our target Customers?
•21-30 (Fresh graduates) Job seekers, Budding Entrepreneurs;
Young people who would like to learn how the fundraising process works/ Potential entrepreneurs who have a good idea but need practical knowledge and skills. Growing a business requires a sound strategy based on inherent business sense and skills.
•30-39 (Career & Growth Minded Person) Switching careers; seeking another source of income. Skilled professionals and employees who are looking to set up their own companies or business, side hustle with potential to become independent.
•40-55 (Established in their careers and heading toward successful retirement) This a stage of affirmation and continuous learning/keeping abreast with new trends; seeking new knowledge and income sources. Existing business owners looking to expand their business or strike up new partnerships.

What are our offerings?
With the rapid growth in the community of start-ups, which will create a better future for all, we aim to see people achieve the desired outcomes for their businesses. We assist start-ups,smes to find funding, grow & solve society’s greatest challenges.

The Remsana learning portal offers a variety of courses which are in the form of, video lectures, video interviews, discussion topics, additional resources and templates for learners to dive deeper at their own convenience and in their comfort zone.

Good organization helps you keep a good work/life balance. Every entrepreneur needs to focus on health and well-being when launching a new business too, Remsana gives you access to all these and more.

Nichole Manhire

Is the media and brand manager at GFA News. She works very closely with editors and podcasters that contribute to telling the African business success story. For marketing and advertising send Nichole an email:

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