GFA Spotlight: Ellamediate

Ellamediate is going to have it’s launch today, Click on the link below and don’t miss out on the launch of their new app and properties they have on offer.

ELLAMEDIATE: The Exclusive Launch (

About Ellamediate: The Godmother Of Real Estate

Godmothers make dreams come true; and you deserve to live the dream of building generational wealth from owning real estate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young tech enthusiast, a retiree, or a real estate developer; Ellamediate, the Godmother of real estate, is opening the door to opportunity for you. 

Real estate ownership has been closed to the majority for too long because it is capital intensive, but we are removing that barrier for you by creating a crowd-buying system, that enables the ownership, purchase and sale of properties in multiple countries and currencies.

We do this by leveraging blockchain technology to convert assets’ value into fractions that multiple people can own, and by providing them a secure secondary market for easy liquidation of their ownership.

Ellamediate is a property tech company expanding access to the real estate market.


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