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DEBO’S DEN Ep2: How African Startups Can Enter The China Market

In this episode, Debo talks about how African businesses can enter into China, currently the world’s second largest economy. He talks about what is required to run a business in China, rules and regulations to follow, markets to target, legal and operating environment and so much more.

Learn what “WOFE” means as well as other phrases like “guanxi” & “bendi ren”. You will learn about the BAT companies (stands for Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent) In this episode, quizzes have been introduced for the first time to make it easier to recall some of the things Debo has talked about. If you are an African founder and want to know how to tap into China’s market, this one is a must watch!

Nichole Manhire

Is the media and brand manager at GFA News. She works very closely with editors and podcasters that contribute to telling the African business success story. For marketing and advertising send Nichole an email:

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