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Crypto-Currency Talk With Covany: Guest Podcast Ep 1

On this episode of the Cypto-currency talk we introduced who Covany is as a brand and a professional. Including his work, educational background, we also explored the meaning block chain, cryptocurrency, and other tech jargon that is centred around digital currencies.

About Ediomi Udoh

Mr Ediomi Udoh is the CEO of Covany Technologies Ltd ( a tech company with the aim of providing simple life solutions via technology). He is a Nigerian by birth. He is the Convener/Founder of Swift Entrepreneurs ( an entrepreneurial organization for university students). He is a certified member of the International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada and a member of the chapter of the organization in Nigeria. He is a business analyst, an IT consultant with clients across Nigeria. He has consulted for Professors, Medical Doctors and organizations such as The Nigeria society of Anaesthetists, Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Society, Intensive and Critical Society of Nigeria, Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development Nigeria, Medical Women Association, Calabar Chapter, and a host of other organizations and individuals.

About Covany Technologies

Covany Technologies is a company with the vision to promote technology in Africa. Our team is constantly working on ways to innovatively solve problems affecting the African society economically, socially or environmentally using technology. We also help individuals and startups gain access to the right technology platforms to get their business off the ground. We have consulted for over 8 professional bodies in Nigeria and have hosted several virtual webinars and conferences across Nigeria with over 2000+ participants.

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