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Daily Digest, Monday 29 November 2021

Funding In Northern Africa

Algeria’s mobility startup, Yassir, secures US$30mn Series A funding to improve its service and expand its reach

The ultimate goal for the Yassir platform is to offer payment services to all sides of the marketplace, in a region where a large majority of people and merchants remain unbanked and/or seldomly use payment services. Read more

Egyptian Legaltech Startup, Hekouky, Secures Undisclosed Pre-seed Funding From Nama Ventures

It helps business owners save cost and time by providing a one-stop-shop and easy-to-use platform that makes the process hassle-free. Read more

Funding In Western Africa

Nigeria’s fintech API startup, OnePipe, lands US$3.5mn in seed round

OnePipe partners with non-financial institutions to help them launch and cross-sell a variety of financial services such as credit, accounts, and payments. Read more

Nigeria’s delivery startup, ShapShap, secures investment from GreenTec Capital

Clients may find a variety of services and products, and delivery employees can simply earn money servicing various vendors, thanks to the platform’s B2B and B2C channels. Read more

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