Egyptian fintech startup, KIWE, secures first financing round to expand & scale its operations

KIWE, a fintech startup based in Egypt has just secured its first investment round to scale its drive to expand operationally.

The round was led by dfin Holding with participation from EFG Hermes, Marakez for Development, and notable angel investors.

The investment will be used to drive the fintech’s growth by utilizing the offerings of its investors including dfin’s and Marakez’s portfolios and EFG’s Valu as a payment method. 

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Through this strategic consortium of investors, we target to catapult the growth of KIWE by deploying dfins’ tech-based financial services portfolio, utilizing EFGs’ Valu as a key payment method, and rolling out across Marakez’s portfolio of commercial and residential projects – a perfect fit to help drive our mission towards a stronger E-payments future, alongside current investor EFG EV Fintech.

All sectors included, we strive for our economy to be a contactless-cashless pioneer in the payments industry while adhering to the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) regulations and the state’s digital transformation policies. CBE’s efforts to boost E-payments are unprecedented, enabling startups, supporting the overall fintech infrastructure, and facilitating communication with key financial institutions. At Kiwe, we believe it’s time for Gen X and Z to manage their finances in a more easy, fast, and social way. We cannot wait to show you what’s coming next. And we promise the best is yet to unfold.

Digital Finance Holding (dfin) is a tech-based financial services platform. EFG Hermes is one of Mena’s largest financial services companies. Marakez is a leading mixed-use developer in Egypt, with a growing portfolio of commercial and residential projects.

What You Need To Know About KIWE

Founded in 2019 by Fatma Khalifa (CEO) Omar Kamel (CBO) and Mohamed Khalifa (COO), KIWE is a peer-to-peer money exchange app, allowing its users to transfer money instantly to each other.

KIWI is on a quest to create a cashless ecosystem through a comprehensive merchants network, providing customers with the safest, simplest, and most fun payment experience. We are strong believers in empowering freelancers and business owners by helping them identify their targets, level up their customer experience, and accept online/offline payments. Our vision is for KIWE to become a verb interchangeable with any word that speaks payments. We strive to have our customers reach out to their phones instinctively whenever a receipt is printed, a check arrives at the table, or a friend’s pay-back is due.

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