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Daily Digest, Wednesday 17 November 2021

Funding In Northern Africa

Egypt’s Edtech Startup, OTO Courses, Raises US$400k Funding Round

OTO started its activity by offering English language courses and, since its launch, it delivered 350,000 hours online to more than 15,000 learners, and has more than 150 teachers/lecturers. Read more

Funding In Western Africa

Nigerian mobility startup, Shuttlers, lands US$1.6mn to expand across Africa

The B2B2C plan is one of three main offerings Shuttlers providers; here, companies split payment of transport fares with their employees whichever way they see fit. Read more

Nigerian blockchain Wi-Fi sharing startup, Wicrypt, secures $1.5m to maximize the coverage of its product

WiFi providers can customize their customer experience through their Wicrypt dashboard, by offering surveys, ads, and collecting customer data. Read more

Funding In Southern Africa

South African Security & Medical Platform, AURA, Secures US$4.7mn Funding Round From MultiChoice

Response times drop from an average of 30 minutes to as little as one to five minutes when artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to ensure that the nearest responders are deployed to a distress call. Read more

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