Nigerian edtech startup, Semicolon Africa, raises $1.2mn in a seed

Semicolon Africa, an EdTech firm that trains software engineers and techpreneurs to create jobs and economic possibilities in Africa, has raised $1.2 million in a seed round of funding.

The round which was oversubscribed had in participation from Angels and VCs such as Launch Africa Ventures & Consonance Investment Managers.

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“Everyone does not need to become a software engineer,” CEO and founder Sam Immanuel said, “but everyone does need to learn how to tech-enable their firm in any field,” because technology is a critical enabler in addressing Africa’s myriad problems.”

Semicolon will utilize the funds to expand its training, people management, and project delivery capabilities.

What You Need To Know About Semicolon Africa 

Sam Immanuel, a software engineer who is enthusiastic about people and economic development, established Semicolon Africa in 2019. 

Semicolon aims to prepare young people and businesses in Africa for the digital economy by offering the necessary technical skills for the continent’s burgeoning tech sector.

The company offers a one-year rigorous training program that emphasizes problem-solving, software engineering, and business management. Natives (as the students are known) can choose between two career routes after graduation: employment with hiring partners or techpreneurship for those with company ideas. Semicolon has graduated four cohorts of software engineers and onboarded nine since its beginning.

Semicolon now provides the necessary support that techpreneurs require to turn their startup ideas into thriving enterprises. Early business support, product development, consultancy, and training are all included. As a result, the company is refocusing on Semicolon Ventures, a division of the corporation that has already produced 20 new startups from its students. Startups from a number of industries, including finance, healthcare, insurance, transportation, education, construction, tourism, and others, are leveraging technology to solve issues and generate jobs.

Semicolon is a strategic partner to firms looking to digitally alter their operations, in addition to teaching software engineers and techpreneurs. Corporate training, project delivery, and project outsourcing are just a few of the services they provide through Semicolon Labs.

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