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Meet LearnAM The African Udemy Aiming To Provide Access To Qualitative Education To Undeserved Communities

What are your Objectives and vision

ScholarX is an education and social impact company primarily concerned with granting equal access to the youths in Africa to opportunities that better the quality of their lives.

Our objective with LearnAM

is to provide access to qualitative education to underserved communities who do not traditionally benefit from structured formal education

LearnAM’s offering and benefits to customers

LearnAM is one of the ground breaking products of ScholarX. It was created to bridge the digital and financial literacy gap in Africa by enabling its users learn in-demand skills that help them become independent and increase their earning potential.

LearnAM provides qualitative educational content in bit sized modules around digital and vocational skills, as well as personal development in localized languages (Currently pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa). At the end of every module, users are prompted to complete an assessment to test comprehension and upon completion of some courses are connected to mentors, internships and demand for their newly acquired skills within our in house market

LearnAM is built to run on Android and KaiOS which are the operating system smart inexpensive feature phones utilize. We have secured significant partnerships for sales/distribution of these devices with Airtel, to persons who currently have no internet enabled devices and also secured a device financing model backed by VFD Bank that allows for installmental payment for devices where outright purchase proves daunting.

About LearnAM

LearnAM is a mobile app that provides audio and visual content on personal development, digital skill acquisition and vocational skills adoption for Africans in localized languages

Our approach eliminates barriers of cost, geography and language proficiency which traditionally have been stumbling blocks to education/learning.

Key benefits of this App

  • With LearnAM, the barrier of official language proficiency (English in the case of Nigeria) would not be a hindrance to learning as users would have access to lessons and master relevant skills taught in their local languages.
  • LearnAM guarantees convenience, as our courses are self paced and bit sized thus can be utilized on the go
  • With LearnAM, anyone can learn anything, anywhere at any time and this is important because it guarantees unrestricted access to qualitative education.

How does the product work

Our application is currently available on Android and Kai OS stores.

  1. Download the app from the App Store of your device
  2. Create an account
  3. Enroll for a course
  4. Earn Points as you progress with each course.
  5. Complete Course Assessment with > 80% Score.
  6. Earn a Badge/Certificate at the end along with a new skill.
  7. Get connected with mentors, internships as well as demand for your newly
    acquired skills

CEO’s Comment on GFA’s media platform for African Startups

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