Moroccan Health-tech Startup, DataPathology, Secures US$223k

DataPathology, a Casablanca-based MedTech startup focusing on digital pathology has raised $223k to transform the pathological diagnosis system and improve services for practitioners and patients. The funding came from Witamax, an investment firm founded by Southbridge A&I and the Axxam Family Office.

“DataPathology aims to assist hospitals, multidisciplinary clinics, and pathology centers in dealing with the rising number of cancer cases while also addressing the shortage of pathologists. This is accomplished by providing them with a comprehensive solution that enables them to provide a high-quality pathological diagnosis in a timely and efficient manner,” the startup noted in a statement. 

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DataPathology’s goal with this investment is to quickly deploy more sites, expedite team recruiting, and establish themselves as a prominent leader in Medtech in Morocco and Africa.

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What You Need To Know About DataPathology

DataPathology, co-founded in 2020 by Hicham El Attar, pathologist, and Mohammed El Khannoussi, SI & Data consultant, fights the lack of and delay in cancer diagnosis in medically destitute countries, particularly in Africa.

The startup team’s mission is to provide a pathological diagnosis to patients quickly and securely through a process that involves preparing a human tissue sample on the patient’s examination site (biopsy), digitizing it, and then securely and anonymously transferring the patient’s digital file to the medical team for diagnosis via a web platform.

“Having already forged partnerships with international players in digital health, installed a first digital pathological diagnosis center in the kingdom [of Morocco] and started serious discussions in African countries with high potential for cancer diagnosis, the startup today aspires to expand the network of laboratories in Morocco and Africa, then to consolidate the network and logistics necessary to increase the volume of data to be integrated and processed within the platform,” a statement from the statement further noted. 

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