Egypt’s beauty startup, Glamera, creates a B2B management system for beauty businesses

Cairo-based Beauty service booking platform, Glamera, has created a new Business to Business (B2B) product that helps customers with beauty salons, gyms, and spas, management.

The startup has tens of thousands of users and hundreds of providers in Egypt, allowing the former to book appointments at the tap of a few buttons on its app.

After initially launching in Cairo and Alexandria, Glamera began Saudi Arabian expansion plans in January 2020 via Riyadh and raised a six-figure investment from Saudi’s Dual Gate Investment Holding in August of the same year – it’s second from the Kingdom, following September 2019’s $250K raise.

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For now, though, it is adding to its product offering with the launch of Glamera Business, a new B2B SaaS system for managing beauty salons, gyms, and spas.

“After noticing the market needs in the MENA region and through two years of market researching, Glamera came out with its complementary SaaS system to manage all operational process inside beauty salons and other providers, so the whole process from booking the service till finishing it and the issuance of the invoice will be managed by Glamera and Glamera Business,” the startup said.

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Glamera Business handles booking, finance, clients data, marketing, human resources, invoice issuance, and warehousing with more than 100 monthly and yearly performance reports. Within two months of launching, it has already successfully run about 50,000 transactions.

Through Glamera Business, service providers can handle booking, finance, clients data, marketing, human resources, invoice issuance, and warehousing, while receiving up to 100 annual performance reports.

The product has thus far handled something in the region of 50,000 transactions, according to the startup, marking another milestone for the co-founders.

What You Need To Know About Glamera

Launched in September 2019 by Co-founders Mohamed Hassan, Omar Fathy, and Zafer Al Shehri, Glamera allows users to book appointments with hundreds of contracted providers covering all beauty sections, including salons, clinics, spa, gym, and dental.

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