Egyptian Business Relation Management Startup, BznsBuilder, Expands To Indonesia

BznsBuilder, the leading Egyptian 360 Business Relation Management platform (BRM,) extends its footprint into the Asian market by launching the platform in Indonesia in partnership with Indonesia Prima. The new launch was announced during the Festival Entrepreneur Indonesia in the presence of his H.E. Irman Adi Purwanto Moefthi the Indonesian Commercial Consulate in Egypt.

BznsBuilder is a flagship platform that prides itself on being the startups’ virtual co-founder providing businesses with step-by-step guides on building impeccable business plans. The platform automates the financial reports and charts without the need for a solid financial background. Founders can also develop their pitch decks and one-page plans, export and share them with investors.

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Indonesia Prima is an innovation player supporting Indonesian and Asian startups to grow and scale their businesses.

BznsBuilder expansion in Indonesia is the first in a series of planned expansions into Asia, the home for 200 global unicorns, bringing BznsBuilder’s 360 experience to support local entrepreneurs in building their businesses. The expansion to Indonesia followed the booming in the local ecosystem with the startups raising more than 1.9B in Q3 2020.

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Riham Abu Elinin, founder of BznsBuilder commented on the new launch saying, “BznsBuilder is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs, students, and organizations globally with reliable, efficient and cost-effective 360 business relationship management solutions to grow their business.”

Diah Yusuf founder of Indonesia Prima said “Entrepreneurs should create a better future with better mindsets as well as skill sets. BznsBuilder will help them with practical thinking to have a better understanding of their business to grow, to achieve their maximum success. I am delighted to have this opportunity to working in partnership with BznsBuilder to expand in Asia because we are all part of the global entrepreneurship ecosystem and must support each other”

H.E. Irman Adi Purwanto Moefthi showed his support to this new partnership saying “This partnership can strengthen the friendship between Indonesia and Egypt. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Asia is one the most promising ecosystems globally with the largest amount of tech unicorns coming from India and China specifically. Taipi also gained a lot of momentum, after jumping 208 spots in 2020 raking 42 on the global report. Along with the blooming ecosystems of Singapore, Malaysia, and Manila.

What You Need To Know About BznsBuilder

BznsBuilder is the leading 360 Business Relation Management (BRM) platform enabling businesses to monitor all their operations in one dashboard. The platform helps businesses build, organize, and track the progress of their businesses in a single dynamic dashboard. BznsBuilder is the startups’ virtual cofounder helping them create their one-page plan, pitch deck, and accessing funds in an easy step-by-step guide.

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