South Africa’s P2P Betting Startup, Wayja, Launches After Seed Funding

The cashless peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform Wayja which allows users to connect with friends and place informal bets on anything, from anywhere, has launched in South Africa and is already targeting international growth after raising seed funding from Seed Capital.

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Reece Jacobson says that “The beauty of the platform is that there is no limit to what you can bet on, as long as you can find a willing opponent,” adding that “We understand that friendly competition between people is transcendent across society, which in turn drives countless amounts of informal bets being placed between friends, family, and colleagues. Wayja provides a solution for anyone to record and settle bets in a fun, quick, and cashless environment.”

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Initially funded by the founders, Wayja raised a round of funding earlier in the year, aimed at expanding the platform beyond South Africa and building a native app.

“We’ve been really encouraged by the number of accounts opened and the user data is giving us some great feedback that is feeding the development team. We’re creating a slicker platform in real-time alongside our early adopters and it’s been a really rewarding journey so far,” said Jacobsen.

What You Need To Know About Wayja

Wayja was founded in 2020 by Reece Jacobsen and Clinton Holroyd, and made open to the public in June 2021, Wayja allows users to place simple one-on-one bets as well as to create pool bets, set custom odds, and more.

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