Nigerian Fashion Startup, Rooomxix, receives $1.5mn Investment From Patricia

Urban streetwear fashion startup Rooomxix has announced it received a $1.5mn investment to accelerate Africa’s transition into the global fashion scene through streetwear.

Patricia, Africa’s largest Bitcoin trading company invested in the Nigeria-based fashion startup.

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Patricia and Rooomxix, have been in conversation since 2019 and have had a few collaborations in the past, however, this investment further deepened the partnership where the CEO of Patricia Fejiro Hanu Agbodje mentioned, “the fashion industry, especially the high streetwear niche holds untapped opportunities for brands like Rooomxix. This new funding will allow Rooomxix to ramp up its expansion plans in Nigeria, delving deep into technology, expanding inventory for the online stores to service Africa”.

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Gbenga Adeyefa, the C.E.O of Rooomxix also said it was a sign of the potential streetwear has on Africans.

“Our confidence in securing this new financing is backed up by budding industry and enormous potential that lies in streetwear not just in Nigeria but in Africa at large. Our goal is to accelerate Africa’s transition into the global fashion scene through high streetwear” Gbenga said.

What You Need To Know About Rooomxix

Rooomxix is a retail streetwear fashion brand launched in July 2018. The brand is focused on revolutionizing street fashion in Africa. The brand is committed to ensuring that high-end streetwear is more affordable and accessible across the continent.

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